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Video bài nghe Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 9: International Markets – HocHay (Phần 2)

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Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 9: International Markets – Skills


A. In his book The Art of Winning, Harry Mills says that most negotiations have seven stages. These are listed below, but in the wrong order. Put the stages in order. What word do the initial letters of the stages spell?

• Tie up loose ends

Confirm what has been agreed. Summarise the details on paper.

• Explore each other’s needs

Build rapport. State your opening position. learn the other side’s position.

• Ready yourself

Prepare your objectives, concessions and strategy. Gather information about the other side.

• Probe with proposals

Make suggestions and find areas of agreement.

• Close the deal

Bring the negotiation to a clear and satisfactory end.

• Signal for movement

Signal that you are prepared to move from your original position. Respond to signals from the other side.

• Exchange concessions

Give the other side something in return for something you need or want.


Đáp án:

1. Ready yourself

2. Explore each other’s needs

3. Signal for movement

4. Probe with proposals

5. Exchange concessions

6. Close the deal

7. Tie up loose ends



B. Listen to seven extracts from a negotiation between two buyers from an exclusive department store in Moscow and Pierlucci, an Italian supplier of leather goods. Match each extract (1-7) to one of the stages of Harry Mills’s list (a-g).

Extract 1  a) Tie up loose ends
Extract 2  b) Probe with proposals
Extract 3  c) Ready yourself
Extract 4  d) Close the deal
Extract 5  e) Explore needs
Extract 6  f) Signal for movement
Extract 7  g) Exchange concessions


Đáp án:

1. c

2. e

3. g

4. b

5. f

6. d

7. a

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Reading Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 9: International Markets – HocHay


A. Work in pairs. Read the two articles quickly and choose the best title for each one.

a) US-China trade has cost 2.3 million American jobs

b) US protectionism is not the way forward

c) Stop blaming China for US trade deficit

d) Yuan needs to rise against the US dollar


Đáp án:

Article 1: c

Article 2: a


B. Look at the articles again, Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

Article 1

1. The US should concentrate on being more competitive economically,

2. The US should be protectionist.

3. The US should argue for a stronger Chinese currency in order to reduce the US’s trade deficit with China.

4. The US and China should focus on the openness of their trading relationship.

Article 2

5. The US should recognise how much the Chinese currency has already risen against the dollar.

6. US labour unions say China has manipulated its currency to give Chinese companies an unfair advantage in international trade.

7. The Chinese save less of their income than Americans.

8. Americans have recently bought Chinese-made goods at low prices.


Đáp án:

1. True

2. False: ‘The US should focus on improving its overall economic competitiveness instead of seeking protectionism to combat its economic slowdown, … ‘

3. False: ‘ … it should not argue for a stronger currency to reduce its trade deficit with China, since the value of the yuan is not the fundamental cause of the deficit … ‘

4. True

5. True

6. True

7. False: ‘China has also said the fact that Americans save much less of their incomes than the Chinese do has increased the trade deficit.’

8. True


C. Find the opposites of these words in the articles.

1. free trade 

2. upturn 

3. surplus 

4. dispute 

5. decreased 

6. spend


Đáp án:

1. protectionism

2. slowdown

3. deficit

4. co-operation

5. risen

6. save


D. Complete the sentences with the words you found in Exercise C.

1. Economists know that ………… and import taxes promote inefficiency.

2. The study was done in …………. with local businesses.

3. There has been a ………… in the tourist trade.

4. The figures show a trade ……… of $4 billion.


Đáp án:

1. protectionism

2. co-operation

3. slowdown

4. deficit


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